Why advertise on TV and radio?

24 Mar 2014, Posted by Oleg Frish in Blog

It is the goal of every company to increase revenues and make a profit. The company develops products they desire to sell to the largest possible number of consumers. The lifeblood of any business is the money injected into the economy by the public. You want to get your share of that money. You need to attract the maximum number of people to your goods and services, whether it is products or your brand. Without a consistent flow of consumers who will spend their hard earned money on your product, you will soon be out of business. The greatest inattentions in the world still need someone to purchase them. In order to do this the company has to create a strong marketing campaign. Advertising on television and radio will accomplish these goals.

Why television and radio

TelevisionIn ancient times, local markets were organized to provide locations for vendors to sell or barter their goods with each other. People were able to travel to the markets relatively easily in order to set up stalls and booths to facilitate the sale of their products. As time progressed, cultures evolved, and technology advanced, these marketplaces became obsolete. The advent of the print medium allowed companies to reach larger numbers of consumers contained within a specific region. The creation of radio and television widened the scope allowing companies to reach a far broader audience. Television and radio advertising allows business to reach local markets, targeted groups, and large members of the community at the same time. You can utilize local community newspapers, radio and television. In New York City you have a diverse culture with many neighborhoods and communities that exhibit similar traits. For example, you can advertise on Russian TV or radio in Brooklyn if your product is one you have identified will sell in that market. This type of directed approach increases your chances of making a profit, and maximizing the use of your budget.

How to utilize television and radio

RadioAdvertising on television and radio is not as simple as producing a commercial and sending it in to be aired. Commercial production is a long process that requires thought and creativity. You must isolate the images and sounds that will best appeal to your audience. The length of the commercial is important. Your advertisement cannot be so long as to drive people away, and as short as to fail to capture their attention to begin with. A decision must also be made as to when and where you will air your advertisement. New York City offers over 8 million residents, and reaches millions more with all of the available media in the region. This is a good start.  You have to be specific as well. If there is a time period when your targeted audience will be watching television or listening to the radio, you need to place your commercial on at that moment. If there are certain programs, or radio shows, that will guarantee you exposure to large groups of potential consumers; the money spent to advertise at those moments will be worth every penny. Television and radio advertising is a complicated process, but one which can be very rewarding if handled properly.

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