Advertising in Brooklyn: Russian community

17 Mar 2014, Posted by Oleg Frish in Blog

A good way to sell your product is to engage in an effective and creative advertising campaign. The goal is to reach as many potential consumers, and introduce them to your goods and services. Hopefully, this will influence them to purchase your products, thereby increasing your revenue, and justifying the money spent on the advertisement. Sometimes, your strategy to sell your product does not involve far reaching media outlets. The development of certain goods, services and other products is sometimes done with a particular group of consumers in mind. The product can be aimed at a specific sex, age or ethnicity. It is crucial for your advertising campaign that these consumers are identified early in the process to eliminate any wasteful spending. Russian TV advertising is one way to accomplish this goal.

Locating the target community

Advertising in BrooklynThe waves of Russian immigration to the United States began back to the mid 1800s. The explosion of Russians moving to America began after the fall of the Soviet Union, starting approximately in 1991. Since that time, Russian immigration has increased by almost 250%, leading to over 4 million Russian immigrants in the United States. The vast majority of these immigrants settled in large urban areas, in communities where they felt most comfortable. In other words, in neighborhoods that contained a large number of Russians already. One of the cities they choose to settle in was New York City, especially among the communities in Brooklyn. There is a large Russian presence in Brooklyn in such locations as Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and Bath Beach. This knowledge is critical to any company looking to advertise directly to the Russian community through the use of Russian TV.

In the community, the Russians developed social halls, ethnic restaurants, and bars in which they could gather with other countryman who spoke the same language and shared the same values. In those communities they developed newspapers, radio stations, and television programs.  This was a way the cold feel comfortable n their new home, bringing a piece of the homeland here with them as they started a new life. Businesses can identify these communities where there goods will most likely be sold.

The use of TV

Russian TV provided a clear opportunity to reach large numbers of Russians in the United States, especially New York City. They present programs in Russian making it easier for the consumer to understand what is being presented. Russian television concentrates on aspects of their culture those appeals to large groups and members of the community. Some immigrants wish to integrate with the rest of the residents in the United States. However, some still wish to have that connection to the homeland. Russian TV provides an opportunity to do that. Companies wishing to sell their products to the Russian community understand this and utilize these programs in their advertising campaigns. Russians will react more favorably to other Russians. The use of Russian TV advertising allows business to speak the same language, using announcers who are Russian, in hopes of convincing the community to purchase their goods and services. This media outlet is a huge bonus for these businesses.

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