Benefits of advertising in NY

04 Mar 2014, Posted by Oleg Frish in Blog

There are many benefits of advertising in NY. You can place an advertisement in a newspaper either in a full page half page, or something smaller. You can purchase time on radio airwaves, producing a spot which can be played, or having the announcer on the radio program read about your product. You can buy time on television to have your 30second commercial shown to millions of people. The goal of any of your advertising methods is to increase exposure of your goods and services to influence people to spend their hard earned money on your products. Advertising in NY provides fertile ground for your company.

Maximizing the consumers you reach

New YorkNew York is one of the largest cities in America, if not the largest. A tremendous amount of business occurs won the streets of the city. You have Wall Street brokers, lawyers, bankers, publicists, marketing agencies, and entertainment companies among others. All of these people, who work in the New York region, also live in the area. There are over 8 million residents of the five boroughs of New York. However, this is not the final number of potential consumers you can reach with your advertisements. Whenever you choose to advertise in New York you reach millions of more potential consumers in the Tri-state area, reaching far north into New York suburbs, and Connecticut, down south into New Jersey, and in some instances as far west as Pennsylvania. Utilizing advertising in NY as your base will increase the exposure of your products to millions and millions of consumers.

Variety and options

Your goal of reaching as many consumers as possible will not be met just because of the vast number of people living in the Tri-state area. The options presented to you in New York outweigh any choices you may have in any other market across the nation. In NY, you have multiple media outlets. Most cable stations in NY carry ever channel from across the country. The local television networks broadcast regional coverage which reaches across state boundaries and city lines. There are numerous newspapers that are produced in New York and the surrounding area. There are so many radio stations that can reach for miles; you will have to prioritize which markets you feel can be best served by your products. The diverse nature of the residents of this region allows for specific targeting of groups with your advertisements. In some markets, if you choose to limit yourself to a narrow audience, you take a chance that the advertisement will be unsuccessful. Advertising in NY does not come with that risk.


There is no better place to sell your goods than one of the greatest cities in the world. You will influence millions of potential consumers to reach into their pockets and purchase your products. On top of that, anything that is successful in New York is recognized worldwide as something to pay attention to. If something happens in New York, people around the globe take notice. When you decide to utilize advertising in NY, you stand a greater chance of having your goods and services exposed to others in different markets. And in the end, that is the goal.

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