A celebrity needs good public relations

07 Mar 2014, Posted by Oleg Frish in Blog

Advertising is a key component to any strategy to market and sell your goods and services. The goal is to get your product in front of as many potential consumers as possible. The more people who see your advertising on television, hear your commercials on radio or see your full page descriptions in newspapers, the more likely it is that you will see an increase in the flow of revenue from the sale of your products. This is not just limited to goods and products. Individuals offer services in which the product is themselves and their attributes. Lawyers, accountants, and teachers all are selling themselves as viable alternatives to fulfill consumer needs. Celebrities are another example of a specific group who need public relations and advertising to sell their brand, in other words sell themselves. Any celebrity needs good public relations, because PR is vital to keeping a person relevant and in the spotlight.


ElvisA common phrase used by celebrities is no publicity is bad. A celebrity or any other person who is in the business of selling themselves needs remain relevant in the public arena. Celebrities write books, do radio shows, and appear in movies and television. They are hired to promote products, with increased salaries going to those celebrities who can stimulate revenue growth by advertising these products. The only way to get consumers to pay to see the movies, listen to their radio, and read the books is to remain relevant and constant in the public community.

A celebrity can chose many different options when advertising their brand. If they are Russian, they can go on Russian television and radio, and appeal directly to people who speak the same language and share similar backgrounds. They can choose to be interviewed in newspapers and magazines to showcase particular projects that they hope consumers will spend time viewing or purchasing. With the advent of the internet, more options are available to utilize when reaching the fans and pushing your services. Celebrity PR is a specialized niche and requires an advertising strategy just like any other product.


The choice of where to advertise is a crucial decision. You have to determine where your particular set of talents would be most appreciated and understood. You also want to choose a market that will enable you to reach the most potential consumers for your brand. Many celebrities gravitate towards Los Angeles because that is the center of the entertainment world. However, New York City provides just as many opportunities, and can reach just as many consumers as any other market in the world. Advertising in New York is a safe path towards increasing your exposure which will lead to increased profits. In New York you have numerous billboards, various magazine publishers, and media outlets that can be integrated into your media strategy. The number of residents and workers that can be reached in the New York market is unmatched. The diversity of the ethnicity, age, and economic levels assures the celebrity that they will find a group that you can focus on, such as the Russian communities in Brooklyn. Advertising on Russian TV and radio will create a stir in the community for any celebrity who desires to reach out to those groups. No publicity is bad.

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