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26 Feb 2014, Posted by Oleg Frish in Blog

The choices and options are endless when it comes to decisions about advertising.  The strategies you design must take into account a variety of factors.  You need to analyze the product you are hoping to sell and the targeted group of consumers that will be most likely to purchase your goods. There is a limit to the budget that you can allocate for your campaign, so it must be well thought out and planned. One vital consideration is the market in which you choose to spend your advertising dollars.  The market will determine what return you receive on the money you spend, and how effective a campaign will be over the long run.  Advertising in Brooklyn is a choice which can answer all your questions.

Neighborhoods and communities to Advertise in Brooklyn

Advertising in Brooklyn Brooklyn is a borough in New York City. It is the most populous borough with over 2 million residents. It is comprised of multiple diverse and varied neighborhoods and communities. This lends itself to be fertile ground for any advertising campaign.  Brooklyn has maintained a distinct culture all its own, separate from any other in New York City. The neighborhoods are enclaves for different groups and nationalities. As immigrants landed on the shores of the United States they tended to settle in communities where they felt most comfortable.  In other words, they lived and worked in areas where they had a connection with their neighbors. They could socialize with other people who had similar backgrounds and similarities, especially who could speak the same language and understood the same customs.   Brooklyn is an example of this philosophy.

Throughout the borough you have distinct and separate neighborhoods and communities.  The variety of the ethnic groups, age groups, and economic groups make advertising in Brooklyn ideal for any company. Especially for those businesses who are doing a targeted campaign for one of the specific communities. Located throughout Brooklyn are neighborhoods of Russian, Jewish, Polish, Italian, Jamaicans, Haitians, and African Americans.  Each neighborhood has a local paper, local radio stations, and in some instances local television network.  These all provided excellent media outlets to reach these targeted consumers.

Proximity to the rest of New York Tri-state region

A huge bonus to any targeted advertising campaign is to reach as many potential consumers as possible stretching your budget to be as effective as it can be in all areas.  When advertising in Brooklyn, not only can you reach the targeted community in the borough, due to its proximity to the rest of the city, you can reach targeted communities in other boroughs.  If you advertise in the local Jewish newspaper in Brooklyn, there is a good chance that it will be seen in Jewish communities throughout the metropolitan area.  When you place a commercial on a Jamaican radio station in Brooklyn, you are guaranteed that Jamaicans that live in the other boroughs will have access to and hear the commercial. This will only increase the exposure of your goods and services.

Advertising in Brooklyn

Advertising in Brooklyn brings all the advantages of a targeted campaign, as well as giving you the added bonuses of doing New York advertising.  New York is one of the largest cities in the world, a hub of business activity.  When something happens in New York it has wide reaching implications and by advertising in Brooklyn you are in a prime position to take advantage.

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