Russian radio: a good strategy

14 Mar 2014, Posted by Oleg Frish in Blog

In order to achieve a positive revenue flow, and sell your products, you must develop a comprehensive, effective and creative strategy for advertising. The number of potential consumers who will purchase your goods and services is largely influenced by the methods you employ to market your company and its products. Your budget is not limitless, so any expenditure must be justified by an increase in profits. Otherwise, it will have been a waste of time developing your product, and attempting to sell it to consumers.  Your strategy for marketing your goods can be far reaching utilizing as many media outlets as possible. However, there are times when you do not need to be so universal in your approach. A targeted selective strategy is often a better path to utilize for specific products. For instance, using Russian radio advertising can accomplish many of your goals.

Where to implement your strategy

Russian radioIn the mid 1800s, Russians started moving in massive groups to the shores of the United States. In recent times, post 1991, and the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian immigration has increased exponentially. This has lead to over 4 million Russians living and working in the United States. A large number of this group decided to move to urban areas, to communities where they felt welcomed and safe. These neighborhoods in large cities typically already were the homes for many Russian immigrants and families. One of the desired locations was the streets of New York where a diverse and accepting culture already existed. Russians migrated to Brooklyn into communities like Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay. A company looking to market its products to Russians will use this vital information when developing their strategies and utilizing such services as Russian radio advertising.

These neighborhoods became famous for their ethnic cuisine, shopping, bars, and social halls. These locations allowed Russians to gather with fellow country man and descendants in a place where they all spoke a familiar language and practiced familiar customs. To facilitate this connection to each other and the homeland, they created newspapers, television stations and radio programs. This allowed them to feel comfortable in their new home, while at the same time keeping in touch with the heritage they left behind. When businesses indentify these communities, it increases the likelihood of success of the marketing strategy.

Radio as the proper medium

Russian radio presents an opportunity to impact a wide majority of the Russian communities in America, especially those neighborhoods in Brooklyn and New York City. The radio station presents programs that deal with a myriad of issues that are unique to the Russian culture. They play music, discuss topics, and advertise products specifically aimed at the Russian community. This creates a comfort level so that the Russian population will interact smoothly with the rest of the business culture in America. Often, there are times that as much as they desire to mesh with the rest of the residents of the city, they also want to keep in touch with the culture and heritage of their ancestors, brining a little piece of the homeland new lives started in a strange place. Russian radio offers a wide selection of programs which will reach the greatest possible number of potential consumers. Businesses can take advantage of this targeted method of advertising, by speaking the same language and using announcers familiar with the community. Russian radio advertising will be a huge bonus for businesses that understand its impact.

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