Print Advertising

Magazine Advertising

How Do Businesses Benefit from Magazine Advertising? Even in today’s digital age, magazine advertising still adds value and special luster to your business image.

Designed to enhance perception rather than drive point-of-purchase sales, magazine advertising separates you from the crowd and puts you in front of a specific target audience.

Benefits of Magazine Advertising:

Subscribers generally trust magazine advertising more than ads in other media. Magazine advertising reaches multiple people. Magazine ads are viewed multiple times. Subscribers value and save magazines for several months, even years. Magazines are read more thoroughly than other media.

Added Value of Magazine Advertising:

Magazine subscribers tend to be more affluent and better educated. Magazine advertising reaches a specific target audience. Subscribers tend to be loyal, long-term customers. Magazine advertising increases credibility and benefits image Glossy ads maximize visibility and impact.

New Age Media will help you determine which magazines will benefit your business the most and add value to your overall marketing, advertising, and public relations strategy.

We’ll make sure that your magazine advertising creates an impact and sets you apart from the crowd!

Newspaper Advertising

Does Newspaper Advertising Still Have Value in Today’s Digital Age? In a word – yes! The benefits are many.

According to the Center for Media Research, newspaper advertising is still the leading advertising medium cited by consumers when planning, shopping and making buying decisions.

For local retailers and businesses, this is very good news. The value and benefits of newspaper advertising are clear. Of those adults surveyed, 4 out of 5 said they took some kind of action within the past month based on newspaper advertising:

Actions with value and benefits to advertiser:

Clipping a coupon (54%) Buying something (46%) Visiting a website for more information (37%) Trying a new product or service (20%)

New Age Media will help you determine what mix of newspaper advertising fits best within your overall marketing, advertising, and public relations strategy and budget. We’ll make sure that your newspaper advertising investment returns measurable results.

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