Promotion & PR

PR and Promotional Marketing Campaigns That Create Visibility

Promotion & PRSometimes it’s important to get in front of your audience in a more personal way than through advertising alone. New Age Media’s public relations professionals are here to get you and your message in print and on air – as often and as credibly as possible.

When you have an interesting story to tell that doesn’t fit into 140 characters on twitter, New Age Media can arrange interviews with newspaper, magazine, radio, television, and even online reporters and bloggers.

Our public relations team can also interest organizations in bringing you in as a guest speaker or entertainer. Would you like to do community outreach? We can develop fun and educational public relations events that attract participants and the media.

Special Promotions Discounts, special offers, events, contests and giveaways are often fun promotions that engage customers and prospects in your business or organization. In today’s world, you can even create “virtual” events and promotions through online social networking.

New Age Media’s rich and varied experience in entertainment and advertising enables us to create exciting promotions for our clients and their audience.

From a simple time-sensitive coupon or discount code offered across multiple media platforms to a week-long series of events tied to the launch of a new product or service, New Age Media is your one-stop shop for promotion ideas and implementation.

At New Age Media, we create the steak and the sizzle!

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