Use of commercials in advertising

21 Mar 2014, Posted by Oleg Frish in Blog

A clear concise marketing strategy is a key factor when advertising your products. You must analyze your product to discover who the most likely set of consumers will be that you will focus on to sell your goods. The choices and options are endless. The factors can include age, economic level, political affiliation, religion, and sex. If you are a known personality, trying to create celebrity PR, you must identify your targeted audience. You have to choose between a number of media outlets, such as newspaper, magazine, television and radio. You can choose to take to the internet and interact with people through forums and blogs. All of these decisions are crucial, but the most important may be the production of your commercial.

Being creative and attractive

Advertising on television or radio can be accomplished in different ways. A necessity must be that the commercial is appealing to as many potential consumers as possible so that they consciously or unconsciously pay attention to your spot. They must decide after listening to what you have to say that they are going to spend their hard earned money on your product or brand. It is hard to distinguish between the vast numbers of different products, all which seem to accomplish the same thing as all the other products. If your product is different, you need to effectively point that out in a way that makes sense to the consumer. If your product is unique, on your television advertisement, you need to make that abundantly clear. You can use a jingle, a song, to attract consumers. You can use attention grabbing graphics or videos to make the consumer take notice. A famous popular personality or celebrity can be utilized to put their stamp of approval on the product, making consumers want to be just like that person and go out and buy your product. The choices and options are endless.

Where and when to place your commercial

With so many different available media outlets, the decision as which method you will employ in your advertising strategy is not an easy one to make. You can decide to use television or radio advertising. But, when and where you place your commercial is vital. You could pick a large market, such as advertising in New York. You could target a specific group such as advertising in Brooklyn on Russian TV or radio. You need to take into consideration who the target audience is, and when that audience will be in front of their televisions or listening to their radios. Your creative jingle means nothing if no one hears it or gets a chance to view it on TV. You also have decided which programs to place your commercial on and at what times. The advertisement could be spectacular, but if you play it at 3:00 a.m. in New York, there is very little chance you will get maximum exposure, unless your research shows that is when your targeted audience will be listening or watching. Advertising your product is not an easy concept to master, but hard work and dedication will lead to success.

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