Utilizing Television advertising

10 Mar 2014, Posted by Oleg Frish in Blog

Since the advent of time there has been an exchange of goods and services. Marketplaces were designed in ancient times to allow you to barter for your goods with another vendor for his wares. With the growth of the world population, and the expansion of settled territories, your intended targeted group of consumers became relatively small. You needed to adjust your strategies in order to maximize your profits. Television advertising is the wisest strategy in use today for all business and sellers of goods and services.

Reaching the consumer

Television AdvertisingWith the passage of time, businesses have become less interested in the barter system and more interested in acquiring payment for their services. In order to increase exposure, and insure that the largest group of possible consumers were informed about their products, companies need to discover new methods for advertising. It began with placing signs, placards and other written advertisements in local social halls, buildings, and other places frequented by consumers. They moved to newspapers and radio.  Now, TV advertising is the way to achieve the goal of reaching as many possible consumers as possible in as short an amount of time as possible.

In order to reach your potential consumers, you must place advertisement on the medium which will be seen by the most people. In America, though statistics vary, most adults will watch television on average between 20-25 hours a week. This number will change based on a targeted demographic such as women or men in certain age groups. Television advertising can be an efficient and creative method for placing your goods and services in front of these consumers as they watch television.

When to use Television advertising

Television advertisements come in many forms. The most effective is a short commercial of approximately 30 seconds. Studies have shown that the average person’s attention span falls within this 30 second window of opportunity. If you create an eye catching, informative and interesting commercial, viewers, who are potential consumers, will pay attention and be attracted to your product.  If the commercial is seen multiple times, the individual may be influenced to purchase a product, and not even be aware that it is occurring. This is the goal of TV advertising.

But it is not enough just to place your commercial on the airwaves at any time or on any day. Television shows need advertising to fund their budgets. They rely on this revenue. Companies must decide the optimal time period to place their advertisement on television. There must be evaluations done based on the number of people who are watching a particular program at a particular time. Your goal is to have the most people watching when you run your commercials. For instance, the Super Bowl in football routinely has over 100 million viewers watching the game at some point during the evening. Because of this, a 30 second commercial cost approximately 4 million dollars this year. It has been shown that this money is well spent, as companies get a decent return on this investment.

Focus groups, surveys, and polling all inform a company as to when people are watching television. Ratings for programs provide valuable information to show how many potential consumers you can reach with your commercial. With all this data, you will know where to place your commercial so TV advertising is beneficial to your business.

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